The new standard for observability

Oodle's mission is to make observability simple, scalable and cost-efficient for every company and developer on the planet.

What is Oodle?

Oodle is a Prometheus-compatible, serverless, fully managed metrics observability platform. Limitless scale. Eliminate engineering toil. Reduce costs by 3x.

Our Journey

Observability is a complete mess in many companies.

Observability is crazy expensive! Companies are spending millions on observability and hiring whole teams to manage observability internally. Do you realize it is the 3rd highest engineering spend after people and cloud infrastructure cost? and it's growing 2x faster than your AWS bill. That's insane! What's even more insane? 95% of collected data is never queried.

Observability is complicated! You require an army of developers to set up and operate when running self-hosted because open-source tools like Prometheus tend to break at any meaningful scale. When using commercial tools, it is very difficult to determine what to keep and what to discard.

Observability data is growing exponentially! and MTTR is going up hill. Companies are forced to make hard choices between visibility and cost introducing business risk. Just like how data lakes grew by 10-100x, observability has become a data problem. We believe Observability costs should be based on consumption, not on ingestion.

Observability tools have annoying lock-ins! Migrations are extremely painful. There is no easy way to switch between vendors, you don't own your data, no (open source) compatibility - people think in quarters and years, not days, weeks or months.

Vijay and Kiran personally experienced this first hand as a buyer of a high scale company (Rubrik) for five years. We led multiple (painful) migrations and evaluated several open source tools and commercial vendors. None of them met our needs regarding cost and scale. Then, we looked at every critical design decision from first principles to come up with a remarkably better cloud native architecture (think order of magnitude) that leverages seperation of Storage and Compute, Serverless and AI.

We strongly believe this will become the new standard for observability, unlocking new use cases not possible before. This unique architecture will go a long way towards delivering cost, scale and simplicity (ease of operations) to our customers.

Team Oodle

Our team has built and launched world-class products like Rubrik Security Cloud, AWS S3, DynamoDB, Snowhouse at Snowflake, API/Quota management at Google Cloud. The team has not only co-founded startups, but also understands how to scale them.

Profile image of Kiran Gollu, Co-founder & CEO

Kiran Gollu

Co-founder & CEO

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Vijay Karthik

Co-founder & CTO

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Akhilesh Krishnan

Sr. Software Engineer

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Cal Chan

Senior Product Designer

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Tao Wan

Staff Engineer

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Daniel Engovatov

Chief Architect

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Jerry Adaji

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Sai Prameela Kondura

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